FLiP Burger Boutique – Raw Steak and a Dangerous Milkshake (Atlanta, GA)

I can’t help but share my unique food experiences. This is from a trip over the weekend to Atlanta, GA. If you are a person who prefers a standard burger or cheeseburger, don’t read any further. However, if you like the chef taking a unique item and putting a new spin on it, read on about FLiP burger.

Entrance to FLiP Burger

FLiP’s chef, Richard Blais, is a unique chef. Did you know that he was the winner of Bravo’s season 8 ‘Top Chef All-Stars?’ To read more about this innovative chef click here.

Once you get inside you are greeted by a young staff, upbeat atmosphere, modern decor, and loud music. I enjoy a vibrant atmosphere when dining out. It helps drown out the sound of my 6 month old for the other patrons when he gets fussy. However, if you don’t like bass that lightly shakes the glasses on the table, this is not your scene.

Very modern on the inside. We were there early so the place was still very empty.

We started with liquid N2 milkshakes. Science making our world better, one milkshake at a time. One of the good things about having a wife / partner in crime on these adventures is that you get to try twice as many things when you go out. Obviously not the only good thing about my wife (in case she is reading this….)

I had my heart set on the Krispy Kreme milkshake. You have to love that when delivered, the liquid N2 is still bubbling. They warn you to wait for it to finish before you start to enjoy. A food with warnings, bring it on! The serving size is perfect for this vanilla based milkshake so you do taste the doughnut flavor. It wasn’t overpowering but was unique. Not the most amazing shake I have ever had, but the presentation and unique flavor will make it one of the most memorable.

Liquid N2 Krispy Kreme Milkshake. You can see the frost on the straw

I had “convinced” my wife to try the nutella + burnt marshmallow shake based on recommendations I found online. The nutella gave the shake a great chocolate like flavor that paired extremely well with marshmallow. It will take you back to that first bite of a marshmallow right off the campfire.

Burnt marshmallows made this shake

On to the main event. I ordered the raw steak tartare burger. It was a hand chopped tenderloin patty topped with a fried egg. It also had garlic, chili, cornichon (pickles), pickled shallot, capers, and smoked mayo. Raw steak really doesn’t have that much flavor on it’s own. Most of the flavor you typically associate with a cooked steak is because of the caramelization. The fried egg was a perfect over easy. Normally I don’t eat pickles on my burger, but I decided to stay true to the chef’s intended combination. I’m glad I did. Based on the subtle flavor of the rest of the ingredients, the pickles actually were the star flavor of the dish. This item was very unique but we did sample a burger that blew this one away. More about that later….

Steak Tartare burger and fries. The egg looks fantastic!

My side was house-made French fries with smoked mayo / ketchup. They were fried in beef tallow (rendered form of beef fat). They were crispy on the outside, and had a nice creamy interior. They smoked mayo was great; it went really well with the fries. I’m wishing I had added some more of this to the tartare burger.

The best burger of the day was a turkey burger. It was all due to the unique marriage of flavor combinations and differences in texture. The avocado was more the consistency of guacamole and had similar seasoning. The sprouts were fresh and added some crunch. The pomegranate ketchup was the key thing to this dish. It had a hint of BBQ flavor. Being a burger fan, it was hard for me to admit that I preferred turkey over steak.

The surprising turkey burger

My wife had sweet potato tater tots. It was served with a coffee bbq sauce with blue cheese foam. These little guys packed a huge punch. They were almost too decadent for the serving size of this side dish. However since this a blog entitled Diet Crashers…it’s right up our alley.

I would definitely visit FLiP burger boutique again. It features innovative renditions of burgers, house made condiments, and unique milkshakes. Go for the turkey burger, french fries (smokey mayo), and a nutella and burnt marshmallow shake. If you do make it to Atlanta, let me know what you think.

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