Varsity Donuts – “C” is for Cookie

Three posts in three days!  The past week has been a calorie extravaganza.  Today’s is a “quick bite” post about some unique donuts in Manhattan, KS.

While visiting relatives to meet a new member of the family, I had the opportunity to try Varsity Donuts.    When you walk in, you are hit by the familiar and intoxicating donut smell.  You immediately look to your left and see a wide variety.

So many choices……

A quick peek at their menu shows just how diverse a donut selection they have.  I quickly scan the trays and look for which one was in high demand. I see that the Cookie Monster Donut (called D is for Donut) is running low and it really catches my eye.  Who doesn’t love Cookie Monster?

The verdict:  Fresh glazed donut with standard vanilla frosting.  Great color on the frosting and the sprinkles are key to making it look more like Cookie Monster.  The bright blue color makes me wish for a blueberry flavor. The presentation was what made this a memorable experience.  If I do have a chance to return, I will try a more unique flavor.  I would like to try “The Larry”, “The Peanut Butter Melt”, or the “S’more”.

Dive 2 Five Scale – Varsity Donuts lands on the scale as a 3.  There is something for everyone and its’ just a fun experience.  If you can’t find a donut here, you must not like donuts.

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