Papa Keno’s, Lawrence, KS – Pizza Slices as Big as Your Face

Happy Labor Day weekend!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying some excellent food.  I spent my weekend on a road trip and have a few posts about the food I experienced.

One of my all time favorite places to stop in Lawrence, KS is Papa Keno’s.  Papa Keno’s is a pizza place where you can buy slices “the size of your face”.  I am an overachiever (eater) and usually get two.  Most people will be satisified with one.

For slice #1, I went with my old faithful: mushroom and onion.

Look at the steam coming off the slice!

If you can’t tell, that’s a normal size tray.  Clearly this is a very large slice.  When you pick up your order, they will ask if you want it cut.  Based on size plus the generous amount of toppings, I recommend it.  It’s the easiest way to enjoy this monster slice.  The crust is crispy and thin.  It’s crispy like St. Louis style, but just slightly thicker.  The onions and mushrooms are fresh.  There is a nice hint of garlic.  It’s just a great slice of pizza.

I ordered pepperoni for my 2nd slice.

Slice #2!

You can see all the vitamin “g” (grease) from the pepperoni.  After trying both, I preferred the mushroom and onion.  For a 2 slice lunch, the grease was a little heavy for me.  However that’s more because of my choice to get pepperoni.

If you like crispy, thin crust pizza with a variety of topping choices, you will enjoy this pizza.  It’s a great place to grab an abnormally large slice and a beer.

Dive 2 Five Scale – 3.  This is a classic college town pizza place.  From the people to work there to the music.  They have actually upgraded the seating and interior significantly in the past few years.  Last time I would have scored it a 2, but it’s much nicer inside.  

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