Topsy’s Restaurant, Concordia, MO – You Don’t Look A Day Over 99

If you are like me, you get tired of having to choose from the multitude of fast food choices when on a road trip.  Lately I have worn out the highway between St. Louis and Kansas City.  I have made it my mission to try different restaurants along the way.

Last weekend while heading back to St. Louis I stopped off for breakfast at Topsy’s Restaurant in Concordia, MO

Right on Main Street. Lot’s of trucks!

It is located in the downtown area of Concordia.  As I drove through I was sad to see so many closed businesses.  My guess is that the large truck stop and fast food options closer to I-70 have taken their toll on Main St.  However, this is a business that has managed to survive.

They are celebrating being in business 100 years.

Not only did it survive, but it’s been there for 100 years.  That’s impressive.  The question then becomes if it is due to lack of options or being a quality restaurant.  That’s where I come in.

I arrived for a late breakfast.  They had a buffet but I chose to order from the menu.  Buffet’s are hit or miss and too dependent on how frequently they are restocked.  I had to give this place their fair shake.  After a quick scan of the menu, I ordered two things: a cinnamon roll and the farmer’s breakfast.

First the cinnamon roll:

Hungry yet?

It was warm, sweet, and had great cinnamon flavor.  I think the only way to improve is to warm it with butter on top.  Maybe that’s just me.  When I eat something like this I like to go big on calories.  I would definitely get this again.

Next up, the farmer’s breakfast.

The farmer’s breakfast

The farmer’s breakfast is 3 eggs any style, choice of meat, and hash browns.  I chose over easy eggs and bacon.  The over easy eggs were cooked well, I prefer to be able to break open the yolk and expose the “liquid chicken”.  The hash browns were a highlight.  They had a good mix of being crispy from the grill.  The onion flavor helped add some depth to the dish.  I loved them.  The bacon…was bacon.  I like a little bit of chew to the bacon.  This was strictly crispy.

Topsy’s diner has been open for 100 years.  This is clearly due to customer service and quality food.  There was a mixed of great (cinnamon roll / hash browns) and good (eggs / bacon).  Although there isn’t anything that will stick out as being unique, it’s a good place to avoid the fast food rut when traveling I-70.  I am sure I will stop here again.

Dive 2 Five Scale – 3  Family oriented.  I saw people there in their “Sunday Best” to people wearing camo.  It captures the small town vibe and doesn’t try to be something it’s not.  The people are very friendly.  Come check out a piece of history!

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