Salume Beddu – St. Louis, MO – Artisan Cured Meats in a Strip Mall

What’s a better way to celebrate a half day of work than with a great lunch!  This week I tried the lunch at Salume Beddu on Hampton Ave.  I have tried their artisan cured meats before, but never their lunch items.

This is a very tiny place in an old strip mall.  You have to know what you are looking for or you might drive past.  There is seating for approximately 14 people, total.  The menu is equally small.  However each item clearly is designed with a purpose.  I chose the speck and Gruyere sandwich with preserved lemons.

The sandwich arrives warm.  The bread is a great golden brown.  It is crunchy and the interior has the right amount of chew. Clearly you can see there is a lot more bread than any of the other ingredients.  Speck can be overpowering but they nailed the right amount.  The Gruyere was the perfect complement adding a slight nutty flavor.  To me, it seemed like everything was proportioned to let the preserved lemon shine through.  I never thought I would call a sandwich refreshing, but that is the first thing that comes to mind.

Salume Beddu not only provides tasty artisan cured meats, but great lunch options.  The menu may be small, but this a great example of quality over quantity.  I am sure that I will be back to try them all.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  3.  It’s night and day from the exterior and interior of this place.  As I said before, Salume Beddu is part of a small strip mall.  Once inside you feel like you have left the country.  I would highly recommend getting their salumi plate if you have never tried their meats before.  It is a great way to sample a wide variety.  Once you do, you know you will be taking some home.

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