5 Star Burgers, Clayton, MO – More Green Chili in St. Louis

With all the talk of the Mayan apocalypse, most people probably missed that December 21st was also National Hamburger Day.  With burgers being one my favorite foods, of course I would use that excuse to try another burger place in St. Louis.  This time I tried 5 Star Burgers in Clayton.

What makes this place special?  They use all-natural, hormone free beef that is ground in house.  They also have some unique topping combinations as well as bringing in green chili’s from New Mexico.  In a city with a variety of burger choices, it’s the small details that will elevate a place above the rest.

I ordered the Dad’s green chili cheeseburger.  This is not my first green chili cheeseburger.  Ten years in New Mexico and I have tried a few.  This was cooked a perfect medium as ordered.    However, this rendition was unique with the addition of fried green chili’s and green chili mayo.  The fried green chili’s offered some crunch.  You get a nice slow burn from the green chili’s.  Dare I say better than many of the great green chili cheeseburgers of the Southwest?  Yes I do!

The burgers do not come with fries but there are options for sides.  I tried two of them:  cheese curds and sweet potato fries.  First up, the cheese curds.  WOW.  You can’t go wrong with melted cheese.  The batter was light and and they were served nice and hot.  I could see myself sitting at their bar enjoying some local craft beers snacking on these.  Sorry fries, this is my new favorite burger side.  The sweet potato fries were also very good but were overshadowed by the cheese curds.  I love the little fryer baskets they are served in as well.  Nice touch!

5 star burgers lives up to its’ name. It has a bright future in Clayton.  I look forward to ordering some of their other burgers on future visits.  Maybe they can make a burger with the cheese curds on them…hint hint.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  3.  Very nice modern interior.  It’s a family friendly atmosphere but you can also enjoy some fine adult beverages.  Although I did not sit at the bar, it was a very popular place.  With the selection of craft beers I noticed on tap, I could understand why.  Much nicer than your typical burger place.

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