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Recently I heard about a Kickstarter effort to open a new restaurant, Katie’s Pizza and Pasta.  This new restaurant is based on the existing restaurant, Katie’s Pizzeria in Richmond Heights.  I loved the idea of a restaurant reaching out to the community help fund their future dreams.  I made a trip by the existing location to see what pizza Katie had to offer.

A quick glance at the menu revealed that this is not your typical pizza place.  They had pizza choices with potatoes and parsnips on a pizza.  Who does that?  It was like a mad scientist creating some extremely unique combinations.  In order to get a feel for the place I ordered two regular size pizza’s and a small kids pizza for my son.

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, they brought out some fresh bread.  The server sat it down and you could see it was still steaming out.  It reminded me of fresh rolls.  It was soft, salty, and dense.  It was a great.  My son agreed.  He was stuffing two to three pieces of torn up bread in his mouth at a time.

breadFirst the kid’s cheese pizza.  How cute is this? 🙂

kids cheese pizzaFirst grown up pizza, the spicy coppa.

spicy coppaThe keyword for this pizza is spicy.  It brought back memories of pizzas I would eat in New Mexico with green chili’s.  If you like heat, this is your pizza.  The crust was a good base.  A little crispy but still have some chew to it.

Next was the pizza I enjoyed the most, the egg pizza.

egg pizzaIt was a little burnt on the edge.  I love eggs on everything, so why not pizza?  I should have known that I would enjoy this.  The surprise for me was how well the egg, rosemary, and onion went together.  I’m sure I will order this again.

Katie’s Pizza is not your typical pizza place with standard offerings.  Katie’s Pizza pushes the envelope with fantastic topping combinations.  I’m now a backer of Katie’s Kickstarter campaign.  How about you?  Click here to contribute!

box top

Dive 2 Five Scale: 3.  When I pulled up, it was plain on the outside.  I was surprised when I walked in how much I liked what they had done with the space.  I loved the character that the mismatched tables and chairs added.  The wooden bar was really nice. There were fresh flowers on each of the tables.  The attention to detail made this a great experience. The prices are on the high side for pizza, but the ingredients are fresh and well paired.

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