Friendly’s Sports Bar & Grill – St. Louis, MO – For that Fried Chicken Craving

Ever have one of those cravings that you just can’t shake?  That was fried chicken for me recently.  I decided to see if there was something on my restaurant “to do” list that could help satisfy that hankering.  I noticed the positive reviews of the fried chicken at Friendly’s Sports Bar & Grill.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but 2013 has been a little hectic.  Crazy weather, crazy work…crazy everything.  This was one of those nights that beer alone would not take the edge off.  I was pleasantly surprised by the vodka selection at Friendly’s and decided to try something new.  I have been hearing about a new vodka called, Salute American, and decided to give it a try.  After all, they donate $1 from each bottle purchase to the veterans charity, Project Blueberry.  That way I can lift my spirits while honoring those that have proudly served our country. 🙂

Even though I’m normally a martini guy, this was not really a martini bar.  I decided to keep it simple and ordered a vodka cranberry.


Since I was asking about the vodka, the bartender also provided a small sample to try it straight.  It was relatively smooth and had a surprising sweet aftertaste.  It’s a vodka that would go well with lots of juices.  I now have a bottle at home to use for a limencello martini like the “former spy” I had at 715.

On to the main event…dinner.  I started with fried pickles.  Friendly’s serves the more common pickle chip variety.  They were fresh out of the fryer but not as crispy as you would expect but still had good flavor.

fried pickles

Now for their famous fried chicken.

fried chicken

Sorry for the blurry picture, it doesn’t do the chicken justice. 🙁  I had to let the chicken cool because it was brought to the table smokin’ hot.  The batter was perfectly crispy.  I love dark meat because white meat can be dry.  This was not an issue at Friendly’s.  I can now see why all the reviews say that you must order the chicken.  Clearly they do not skimp on the chicken, so make sure you bring an appetite!

Friendly’s is a neighborhood bar that serves great fried chicken.  For me it’s a bit of a drive, but it was worth it to say I have sampled it.  So leave the attitude at home and join some locals when you get that craving.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  This was a 1 for all the right reasons. It’s a sports bar that has expanded to take over other portions of the building.  It has a unique history that you should check out on their website.  You can catch one of the games on their many TV’s or maybe on some horses while playing video poker.  The waitresses are very helpful and willing to provide recommendations if it’s your first time there.  Just make sure you bring cash or you will need to use their ATM.

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