Olivette Diner – St. Louis, MO – Don’t Forget to Bring Cash

If you stumbled across this post while searching for a recommendation of a healthy breakfast dish, go ahead and hit the back button.  This post is about the bananas foster waffles at the Olivette Diner.  This is as close to eating dessert for breakfast as I have tried.

So what is the bananas foster waffle breakfast?  It’s hot waffles topped with bananas, vanilla ice cream, and Olivette Diner’s homemade banana, brown sugar, and cinnamon sauce.

bananas foster waffle

Wow.  The first bite was intense.  It’s sweet and extremely decadent.  If you can resist the urge to tear through it quickly, let that ice cream melt some.   I must say it was big enough that I almost couldn’t finish it…almost 🙂

I will definitely be back to try this meal again.  The booth I sat in faced pictures of the backside of people sitting on the diner stools.  There were some big butts and I cannot lie. With an calorie packed breakfast like these waffles, I could see how you could end up like that.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  2.  This is your typical greasy spoon awesome American diner.  They were efficient and the food was quick.  Make sure you bring cash or a check, they don’t take anything else.

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