Vincent Van Doughnut – Clayton, MO – Calorie Counters Beware!

With the TV all a buzz about the latest workout and health trends, you can rely on one thing:  it doesn’t have a place in my blog.  I may choose to work out and watch calories occasionally, but I’m going to enjoy life and all the tasty food possible.  I’m not going to do it locked away in my house where no one can see.  I’m going to eat high calorie, fattening food, and share it with you.  Treat yourself once in a while!

Now that I have that off of my chest, I’m going to tell you about treating myself to some doughnuts at Vincent Van Doughnut.  This is not my first time enjoying their doughnuts, I had a few from their food truck a while back.  However, I was long overdue for visit to their storefront in one of my favorite parts of town, Clayton.

The shop is super cute and when you walk in you see a great display of the main attraction, doughnuts!  Luckily I brought along a couple helpers so I could try a few; these bad boys are large!

First up, the chocolate salted caramel.  IMG_0999

This is one of their yeast raised donuts.  It’s a chocolate glazed doughnut with caramel and sea salt.  Chocolate and caramel are two of my favorite things so this was a must have. It did not disappoint.

For those that really don’t care about calories, how about the chocolate covered chocolate cake?  I think they should call it C4 because it’s a sugar bomb that will rock your world.  If you prefer subtlety, this won’t be for you.  CAUTION:  If you feed this to a four year old, be prepared for the sugar rush that comes with it.


Lastly, my favorite of the day and back to the yeast raised doughnuts for the blueberry cheesecake.  

This was the most balanced of those that I had.  I liked the sweet treat in the middle.  It made it worth the effort to consume the whole thing.

Vincent Van Doughnut is another great addition to the restaurant scene in Clayton.  They have a great selection of unique doughnuts.  If I were to wish for one thing, it would be to be there when they were freshly made.  Sometimes I get that craving for a fresh warm doughnut.  For me, their blueberry cheesecake is a new favorite.  So St. Louis, what’s your favorite doughnut shop?  Vincent Van Doughnut, Strange Donuts, World’s Fair?  What a great topic to debate and I look forward to some recommendations for the next time my sweet tooth dominates my breakfast routine.

Dive 2 Five Scale – 3.  Very family friendly place.  Most people grab their doughnuts and go.  There are a few tables and the staff was very accommodating while we were there.

Strange Donuts – Coming Soon!

Obviously I love trying new restaurants.  It’s even better when you have a chance to have a sneak peek at a new restaurant.  Last night at the Post Sports Bar and Grill, Strange Donuts handed out samples for their upcoming shop in Maplewood.

Each person was given 2 of the 3 to try:

  • Chocolate peanut butter: a chocolate cake donut topped with peanut butter icing and more chocolate.
  • Crunch Berries: a donut topped with Crunch Berries cereal.
  • Maple bacon: not one that I sampled 🙁


I am always a fan of chocolate and peanut butter together so it was a given I would try this.  The Crunch Berry donut was more out of my comfort zone.  It surprised me and was actually my favorite of the two.  I think the change in texture is what I liked most.

If this is a taste of things to come, I’m very excited to see what other flavors they create.  My two challenges for them are: Samoas (Girl Scout cookie) and Gooey Butter Cake (after all this is St. Louis!).  Those should provide a good enough sugar rush to thwart the worst Monday morning ever.

By the way, they have a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for some equipment needed for their new shop.  You can read about it here.  Show them support!

World’s Fair Doughnuts, St. Louis, MO – A Step Back In Time

What’s the perfect pick me up on a dreary morning?  For me, nothing better than a fatty, sugar filled doughnut.  On a recent morning like that, I found myself at World’s Fair Doughnuts.

When you pull up you notice a few things: 1)  This is a tiny place.  2) There is limited parking. 3)  There is an older Mercedes outside with “DONUT” on the license plate.  Now that’s dedication!

outside 2

Once you walk in you will see there is no seating.  There was a good selection of your typical doughnuts (glazed, twist, apple fritters, long johns, iced, etc.).  There wasn’t anything too adventurous like you might see at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR or Doughnut Plant in NYC (my two all time favorite doughnut shops).

I ordered a chocolate long John and a small twist.  The chocolate long John had just the right amount of icing.  I even let my 1-year-old son try a few bites.  When I asked him if he liked it, he smiled and waved his arms wildly.  I’m pretty sure he gave it his seal of approval.  After eating the long John I tore into the small twist before even remembered to snap a picture.  Both were very tasty.

long john

My visit to World’s Fair Doughnuts brought me happiness in two ways.  First, a full belly from good doughnuts.  Secondly, it was nice seeing a family shop with such a long history still thriving in today’s culture.  I would definitely recommend a trip by WFD if you are in the area or you can do as I did and make it a special trip.  You will be happy you did.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  2.  This is basically just a small building that cranks out good doughnuts.  You can see one guy in the back making doughnuts and two women up front helping customers.  There are no frills and nothing to hide.  It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t.  It’s very reasonably priced.  Just make sure you bring cash, that’s all they take.

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Doughnut Plant, New York, NY – My Favorite Doughnuts, EVER :)

When traveling to a place like NYC, I rarely go to the same place twice.  There are so many choices, why waste a meal eating something you have had before?  There is only one good reason; it’s #?*!ing AWESOME!  Doughnut Plant is one of those places.

It was a Friday around 11 am.  The night before I may have had too good of a time. 😀  What’s a better way to recover than with a doughnut?  Since it was more like brunch, I went for the peanut butter and blackberry jam filled square doughnut.  Here it is with some free advertising:

Imagine the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich you have ever eaten. Now sprinkle in the magic of a doughnut and viola…doughnut nirvana.  There are crunchy peanuts as part of the glaze.  The blackberry jam isn’t too sweet and has just the amount of tartness.  They don’t skimp on the filling either.   It all comes together to make the perfect doughnut.

Doughnut plant in NYC is my favorite doughnut place in the country.  PERIOD.  I would be happy to entertain objections.  If there is a doughnut shop better than this, I would love to try it.  If you find yourself in NYC, this is a no-brainer.  Do yourself a favor and visit Doughnut Plant.

Dive 2 Five Scale – 3.  It’s a trendy doughnut shop.  The Chelsea location has the doughnuts and the people who serve them in cage-like structure.  I’m not sure if it is to keep them in or keep me out.  I love the doughnut bench along the wall.  It has a huge screen that shows their typical flavors.  It’s a great lively atmosphere to enjoy their unique doughnuts.

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Varsity Donuts – “C” is for Cookie

Three posts in three days!  The past week has been a calorie extravaganza.  Today’s is a “quick bite” post about some unique donuts in Manhattan, KS.

While visiting relatives to meet a new member of the family, I had the opportunity to try Varsity Donuts.    When you walk in, you are hit by the familiar and intoxicating donut smell.  You immediately look to your left and see a wide variety.

So many choices……

A quick peek at their menu shows just how diverse a donut selection they have.  I quickly scan the trays and look for which one was in high demand. I see that the Cookie Monster Donut (called D is for Donut) is running low and it really catches my eye.  Who doesn’t love Cookie Monster?

The verdict:  Fresh glazed donut with standard vanilla frosting.  Great color on the frosting and the sprinkles are key to making it look more like Cookie Monster.  The bright blue color makes me wish for a blueberry flavor. The presentation was what made this a memorable experience.  If I do have a chance to return, I will try a more unique flavor.  I would like to try “The Larry”, “The Peanut Butter Melt”, or the “S’more”.

Dive 2 Five Scale – Varsity Donuts lands on the scale as a 3.  There is something for everyone and its’ just a fun experience.  If you can’t find a donut here, you must not like donuts.

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