Guerrilla Street Food, St. Louis, MO – Do You Even Brunch?

“I was seven before I realized that you could eat breakfast with your pants on.”
Christopher Moore, Fool

Who doesn’t love brunch?  It’s this amazing meal where you can be totally lazy, sleep late, and eat either breakfast or lunch  items while drinking!  I recently experienced a great brunch called “Linggo” at Guerrilla Street Food.  This is a brunch worth putting on pants for.

This isn’t my first post about Guerrilla Street Food, I posted about their food truck back in August of 2012.  A lot has changed since then.  They have opened a storefront 1 block off Grand on Arsenal and now are offering brunch once a month.  Their brunches are always on Sunday which is where the name Linggo comes from, it’s the Tagalog word for Sunday.  Each month they will feature a different menu but it’s always a fun blend of Filipino favorites mashed up with St. Louis diner style.  One great example was the Southeast Sider.


This dish had a base consisting of hand made Longanisa sausage and crispy fried rice hash browns.  It was topped with pork Sugo gravy and sous vide eggs.  It’s a “stick to your ribs” kind of meal.

My favorite dish I sampled was the Pandan French toast.  For those that like something more decadent, this is right up your alley.


It featured Pandan angel food cake French toast (proof that God loves us) topped with Calamansi Curd, pickled green strawberries, and powdered sugar.  I know I said that they plan to change the menu monthly but I hope this one stays on the menu.

During my visit, Guerrilla Street Food teamed up with Cocktails Are Go!  Each of the items included a drink.  They had a Bloody Mary with Kim Chi, a version of a Hemingway daiquiri, and an excellent Hurricane.  The choices had a nice range to cover pretty much any palette.


After one brunch visit I’m hooked.  The mixture of flavors makes it stand out above your standard brunch fare.  I look forward to see what new items are on the menu next month.  Hope to see you there!

Dive 2 Five Scale: 3.  Family friendly but you never know what music you will hear. 😀  It’s my first brunch with King Diamond but it brings back memories of the late 80’s.  It’s a small space but there are dining options both inside and outside.  Everyone is extremely friendly.  They are proud of their work and it shows.

Guerrilla Street Food – Join the Food Truck Revolution

The food truck movement is alive and well in St. Louis.  If you have not tried any of the area’s food truck choices, you are missing out on some great food options.  Long gone are the times of the standard (and scary) “roach coaches”.

How do you find a food truck?  Most use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to notify everyone of their location and daily specials.  Another great option is to watch for food truck events where multiple food trucks take part.

Guerrilla Street Food uses fresh and local ingredients to serve Filipino-inspired street food.

Candid shot of Guerrilla Street Food Truck getting ready to close up shop.

“Fresh” is the keyword when trying their Fresh Lumpia.

The Lumpia is very similar to a spring roll.  The sauce is sweet and I find it is easiest to pour it on each bite.  Otherwise you tend to lose pieces of the roll.

I also tried the Chicken Adobo:

Lots of flavor in a small to-go package

There is a generous amount of chicken served adobo style over a bed of rice.  I stir the chicken into the rice so it can soak up the sauce.  The chicken is tender.  I love the garlic in the sauce.  Watch out for the peppercorns, they pack a punch.

So what’s the verdict?  I think the following answers that question:

My new shirt

I will be proudly be wearing my new Guerrilla Street Food shirt.  Both items I tried were fantastic.  I had hoped to try the Flying Pig, but it was sold out when I arrived.  A recommendation when wanting to try food trucks at an event, get there early.  Being sold out of items is a normal occurrence.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Dive 2 Five Scale –  How do you rate a place that is mobile?  I score it a 2.  Food trucks are very trendy now, but you never know where you will actually eat your food.  It may be in your car, it may be on the ground…..who knows?  Still everyone should experience a meal from a food truck.