Pastrami Joynt – New York vs California Style?

Finally back at it again with some new blog posts!  Expect to see something about  a bourbon that was just released in Missouri as well as another Kansas City BBQ place soon…  However; today is about another lunch adventure in St. Peters:  the Pastrami Joynt.

The Pastrami Joynt claims to be “a different kind of deli”. They have sandwiches of all types with most being $7.50.  When you order you pick the bread, cheese, and dressing.  They also offer lettuce, onion, and tomatoes as optional included toppings.  I decided to start with the namesake and ordered pastrami.  Being somewhat of a purist, I went with rye bread and mustard but did opt for the lettuce, onion and tomatoes.

Pastrami whole

Pastrami Joynt serves the thin sliced California style pastrami rather than the thicker hand cut style you expect in New York, but they do at least give you a good amount of meat.

Pastrami half

I prefer the New York style with juice dripping down your arms but this will satisfy any life threatening pastrami cravings.

Pastrami Joynt is a small place in a strip mall off of Mexico Rd.  This is a no frills place with the main decorations being two small TV’s. You order at the counter and pay after you eat.  There was only one person working both the kitchen and the register.  That slows things down and makes it awkward to pay when you are having to wait in line again.  Would I try it again?  Maybe for take out or a call ahead order.

 Dive 2 Five Scale:  3.  Small strip mall place with a friendly person manning the counter (and kitchen).  Most of their business seems to be takeout. They offer reasonable lunch options if you are tired of chain sandwich shops like Subway.  They offer drinks in cans and bottles and have a list of standard sides.  I have not located a website but you can have a sneak peek of their menu that I scanned:  Pastrami Joynt

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Chicken Coop, St. Peters, MO – Fried Chicken. Yes Please!

Lunch-less at work in St. Peters, what do you do?  I always have a list of places that I want to try for when that happens.  One that has been on my list for a while:  the Chicken Coop in St. Peters.

Why has it been on the list for a while?  I have actually tried to go a couple other times but had not figured out their hours.  The Chicken Coop is a small shack on Mexico Road by an old school car wash.  It has a drive-thru window and a walk-up window.  There are a couple picnic tables on one side, however, most people either eat in their cars or take it with them.

The food is cooked once you order it.  So if you are in a hurry, call ahead.  Otherwise you will end up waiting about 15 minutes for them to prepare your meal.

The prices are very reasonable.  The menu has several appetizers, multiple chicken options, catfish, and a good choice of sides.  One appetizer that caught my eye was the creamy corn nuggets.  For my meal, I went for the 2 piece chicken meal.  This is the chicken coop after all, how could I not get chicken?!?!?  The two sides I choose were mashed potatoes and mac n cheese.

Once I picked up my order and got back into my car, it was obvious I was going to dig in right there.  The smell of the food quickly filled the car with awesomeness.  I’m not good with the whole patience thing.

First the corn nuggets:

They were smoking hot!  I should have expected that since the food was just cooked.   They were very crispy on the outside and had a great sweet flavor.  Order these if you go there, you won’t be disappointed.

Next, the two piece meal:

If you are paying attention you will notice that I actually received 3 pieces of chicken.  They were out of rolls so this was the wing was their substitute.  The chicken was light on seasoning and there was not an excessive amount of breading.  It was still juicy all the way through.  This was true even on the large breast piece, so they know what they are doing.  First-rate chicken all the way!

The mashed potatoes and mac n cheese are clearly the side kicks.  The mashed potatoes are pretty standard as you would get at most chicken restaurants.  The mac n cheese had some peppers in them to add a little spice.  Neither knocked my socks off.

This turned out to be a great choice for lunch.  I need to continue to try other sides, but the chicken and corn nuggets were great.  I have heard that this building had been several other things during its’ existence.  I hope it stays the Chicken Coop for many more.

Dive 2 Five Scale:  Folks, I’m going a 1 here.  It’s a small take out shack next to a run down car wash. The best seat in the house will be in your car if you want to control the climate.   If you want to stay “off the grid”, don’t worry, they are cash only.  The prices are great, especially for the quality of food you get.

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