Dive 2 Five Scale – this is a scale of how “dive-y” or “five star-like” a restaurant is.  This is not about the food.  It’s about the location, the interior, the atmosphere, and the clientele.  Just because something might be “dive-y” doesn’t mean it can’t have amazing food!  The grading scale is as follows:

  1. Total Dive – You might be afraid this place is not structurally sound.  You may avoid trying to use the restroom at this establishment at all costs.  If you walk in wearing a suit and a tie, the music will likely stop and everyone will look at you funny.
  2. Slight Dive – Probably not the place you take someone on a first date.  It’s likely a local bar with some sketchy characters that hang out there every weekend (or day).
  3. Middle of the road – Your average run-of-the-mill restaurant.  It may have slight hints of being a dive or being upscale, but ends up being “delightfully average”.
  4. Slight Five Star – You may need reservations for this establishment.  Time to leave the bib overalls at home.  Has an upscale vibe and the menu.
  5. Five Star – Reservations required and you can use the valet.  You may not be able to read the menu.  A sommelier may help make or break your evening (and / or bank).   You may leave hungry from the food portion size.

Quick Bite – I take pictures of food when I go out all the time. These will be either mini-blogs focused on a specific item or a general food topic that comes up out of the blue.



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