Sometimes the best places to try you only hear about from locals and friends. This page is for the fans to recommend places they want me to try.  Feel free to take a guess at how I will score the restaurant on the Dive 2 Five Scale.  I’m looking forward to trying your recommendations.  When posting, please include restaurant name and location (which part of St. Louis, etc.).  No links needed , I can do the rest.

8 thoughts on “Suggestions?

    • Thanks Ron! I will add that to my list. After doing a little research it looks like you aren’t the only one with a high opinion of this place.

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  2. For a true dive bar experience try J&A’s in the Central West End. Said to be St. Louis’ oldest bar, they offer up surprisingly good burgers and pizza.

  3. Have you experienced Lloyd & Harry’s at 208 North Main Street in St. Charles? Their $2 brats are the very soul of bratwurst… also home of the 99 cent half-pound burger, to die for. They qualify for your “dive bar” category, but all their food is excellent, in spite of the loss-leader prices. The place St. Charles goes for good, cheap eats. And drinks, too.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. This is conveniently located between where I work and where I live. i will add this on my list and give it a shot!

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